Why invest in happiness at work?


Study after study shows that happy employees perform better in almost every business outcome. Happy employees are more engaged, flexible, resilient, creative, collaborative, productive... the list goes on. And interestingly, creating a work environment where people want - and are able to - do great work along with great people can be done regardless of a team's budget.

The idea of investing in the employee experience and creating a workplace that actively promotes positive mental health is certainly gaining momentum in Canada. That said, we've still got a long way to go if we truly want to see a fundamental shift in the way we work. We see this as an incredible opportunity for organizations to gain a significant competitive advantage by tapping into the potential of their most important "asset" - their people. That's why we've dedicated an entire week every year to actively promote workplace happiness in Canada and in dozens of other countries around the world.

How does the Week of Happiness at Work... work?


Cloud 9 to 5, specialists in employee experience and positive mental health at work, is leading efforts in Canada, in collaboration with partners HappieRH (Canada), Happy Office (Netherlands) and Woohoo Unlimited (global).


During this week we invite everyone to reflect on their happiness at work as an individual, team, and organization, and how things can be improved. We also encourage you to learn more about how to create sustainable positive change within your organization. And of course, we'd love to share your stories, successes, tips and initiatives, and showcase the awesome things you're doing to help make happy and healthy workplaces the new status quo.

​The International Week of Happiness at work is not owned by anyone, nor are there any rules or dos and don’ts. To help get you started, here's a 4-step, do-it-yourself approach that you and your team can follow to inspire happiness at work:

  • Step 1: Commit to making workplace happiness a priority

  • Step 2: Learn about how to creating positive lasting change within your team

  • Step 3: Take Action by organizing simple yet effective initiatives to enhance the employee experience

  • Step 4: Share your story with us and showcase the awesome things your team is doing!

Wondering what you can do in your organization? Glad you asked! Click here for some ideas.​​