International Week of Happiness at Work 2021
North America event: Attract, Inspire, Retain


Join us for a week of virtual education, motivation, and proven tactics to increase the well-being and success of your organization.


Study after study shows that happy employees perform

better in almost every business outcome.


Happy employees and teams are more:

  • engaged

  • productive

  • creative

  • collaborative

  • loyal

  • successful at sales

  • resilient... the list goes on! 

The idea of investing in the employee experience and creating a workplace that actively promotes positive mental health is certainly gaining momentum in Canada and the US. That said, we've still got a long way to go if we truly want to see a fundamental shift in the way we work.


Join us for the week-long event and learn how your organization can gain a significant competitive advantage by leveraging the strengths of your team.

Event Schedule (online)
September 20-26, 2021
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Have another awesome idea you'd like to try for the International Week of Happiness at Work? Great!


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