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Let's make happy and healthy workplaces the new status quo!

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The research is in: happy people perform better, and

organizations with happy and healthy employees are more successful.


The Week of Happiness at Work in Canada aims to put workplace happiness

on the agenda and help enable Canadian organizations to embed

workplace happiness into everything they do. 

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keep reading to follow our 4-step, do-it-yourself approach

to help you and your team inspire happiness at work.

STEP 1: Commit

Inspire happiness at work within your organization

If your team or organization agrees that happiness at work is essential, we are asking you to commit to creating change in the workplace. Make this week a"Happiness at Work" week within your organization, team, or for yourself.


Commit to the happiness of others and discover how you and your team can thrive.


STEP 2: Learn

Learn from workplace happiness experts around the world

There's a lot of confusion out there about what makes us happy at work. Thankfully there's been a lot of scientific research done to figure this out, and a number of organizations that have gained practical experience with what works and what doesn't work. (Here's a hint - doing great work alongside great people!).


Before picking specific initiatives to try out, make sure they're the types of things that will either help strengthen relationships within your team, or empower people to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Here we've outlined 2 great ways you and your coworkers can get started building your knowledge.

Attend the Global Online Happiness at Work Summit
21-25 September, 2020


Sign up now to get your free live pass!

Throughout the week, you'll have access to expert insight on how to enable employees to thrive. Sign up for free, and learn about what others are doing to tap into their organizations' potential! 

Learn from evidence-based sources


There are a number of great books, podcasts, and articles out there that use scientific research to guide readers on how to create happier and healthier workplaces. 

There are also often free webinars and events taking place around the world during the Week, so keep an eye out for those!

We've created a list of some of our favourite books to help get you started. Check it out!

STEP 3: Take Action

Make a simple plan and organize initiatives to enhance the employee experience

Image by Jess Bailey

Make it a group effort

  • Find ambassadors within your team or organization to get started together

  • Involve as many people as possible


Be clear on your goals

  • What do you want to change or add within your team?

  • What outcomes are you hoping for?

  • Make sure you write this all down to keep track of how well you're doing!

Light Bulb

Plan and implement ideas

  • Pick 1 or more initiative you'd like to do during the week

  • Organize and run the activities during the week

  • After the week is done, evaluate how well they worked, tweak, and keep going! 

STEP 4: Share

Share your story with us!

We want to make sure the world knows that Canadian organizations are committed to fostering a happy and mentally healthy workplace.

So tell us - what are you doing to create an awesome employee experience? 

Send us a video, a photo, or a paragraph (or three) highlighting some of the ways your team or organization is creating a happier, healthier workplace, and we'll share your story for free on this site and across our global network.  It's good for your brand and it's good for your employees. 

Share your story with us, and we'll share it across our network!

Have another great idea you'd like to try? If you'd like to organize your own initiative or event during the Week of Happiness at Work - whether it's organizing a company webinar, facilitating a speakers panel, hosting a virtual event, or something else that can help create happier and healthier workplaces - let us know and we'd be happy to promote the event and help you out however we can!


Connect with us at happy@cloud9to5.ca

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Cloud 9 to 5 helps organizations and their employees tap into their potential and solve some of their biggest challenges by creating a happy, healthy, high-performing work culture.


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Want to see what others are doing around the world during the International Week of Happiness at Work? 

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